We help raising the Greatness Quotient of your mind -
the only way to get & live the life that you desire innately

To help people raise themselves to experience wellbeing, success, and happiness.


Create awareness to take up conscious effort towards Mind Actualization
that is simple to practice in day to day life.
Our Values
Sensible Mind work from context of strengthening harmonious Inner World to get desired results in the External World.
We are determined to help everyone understand about themselves and be aligned with the Superior Intelligence to enjoy living.
Sensible Mind is committed to focus especially on children as they are the future of this world by helping them build Core Intelligence.
We value opening the gate way to greatness - the first step in becoming a great human being
Sensible Mind - Mind Actualization is Life Changing

Our Team

Sensible Mind team works with integrity in being instrumental to bring about desired positive changes in one's life.

The team consists of innovative, self-constructive and positive attitude personnel contributing services to take the mission forward.
Our Founder

Our Founder, Madam Geetha, we are humbled to say, is a Mind Actualized person. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to term her a Constructive Thinking expert.

Madam Geetha has faith in being Truly Positive deep down by being sensible & taking appropriate steps amidst even tough situations.

Her passion and deep reverence for this very fact led to the foundation of Sensible Mind, formerly known as Positive Wave since its inception from 2010.

Her deeper & higher understanding about Human Nature is not out of studying books or scriptures or research on successful people, but out of absolute Self Realization based on her Individual Thinking & Innately Truthful Inner State of Being.

She has to her credit a professional degree in Horticulture & certified in Guidance and counselling.  
She had been awarded with Honorary Doctorate for her sincere service at an International Wellness Organization.

She has been always curious of the old saying that Wisdom seldom comes from reading and thus she understood Wisdom results only when one’s own Truth gets realized by Oneself.
Her Journey

Sensible Mind - Mind Actualization is Life Changing Madam Geetha’s learning about human nature began since 20 years with observation of the events that took place in her own life.

The Horticulture course made her a close observer of Nature and a profound thinker rather than putting her in a regular path it is designed to.

During her stint in Wellness Organisation, She had wonderful opportunity to serve as Organizing Secretary & Co-ordinator for many events such as International Wellness Congresses, National Seminars and Symposiums and get inspired by world class Speakers, Success Coaches & Wellness Experts.

Her way of life & challenging life situations made her understand certain deeper facts which are not understood by anyone so far. She realized that the solution for human suffering lies in the Internal State of Being of every one that makes one’s nature.
Her Expertise

Our Founder, Madam Geetha perceives reality appropriately through inputs she receives and has greater ethical awareness. She finds no trouble distinguishing good from evil, right from wrong, real from unreal & in particular truth from untruth.

She makes people understand as to who they are as a first step towards their betterment. This helps them in removing the false beliefs about themselves. Her guidance leads to the inner peace and her clients become self-driven & self-motivated and become able to live beautiful and successful life.

Madam makes individuals learn the root cause of the problems they face. When they get clarity, they stop blaming others & situations for their problems and realize their mistakes and become willing to change.

Her mentoring sessions with children help them stay ignited and not just temporarily inspired or motivated. This makes them self-guided, independent & most importantly Responsible.
Her Sessions

  • Madam Geetha’s sessions are not merely filled with motivational speeches. It’s full of Truth and Facts. The sessions are intended to help individuals gradually raise themselves in the path that is originally intended by the Supreme Intelligence.
  • Our clients turn into Self-Composed Individuals who remain calm amidst problematic circumstances and confusing situations.
  • Client’s endurance power get strengthened day by day, they Gain Confidence and Courage and begin handling their own inner conflicts.
  • We can say that individuals would learn why is it necessary to alter their Perceptions that are keeping them from living a More Productive and Fulfilling Life.
  • Young Minds will learn to cultivate Core Intelligence that is Foundation for Greater Abilities by also shedding off wrong ones.
  • The Sessions are intended to help students Understand Intentions behind their seeking and wish list, so as to enable them achieve.
Her Gratitude

She is so grateful of having had been blessed with a Spiritual Guru who taught her to have faith & remain connected to The Universal Intelligence - The Ultimate Creator of this Universe and Each and Every thing present in this world.

Her Guru had taught her about being soulful and to her surprise, specifically emphasized her to practice it ardently in daily life. She proved a good, devoted and obedient student in all her endeavors thereafter.

She is so grateful to GOD for having given a life through which she could gain such Affluent Intelligence.

She has high regards & gratitude for Prof. PI Peter, Chairman of an International Wellness Organization who gave many opportunities for higher and meaningful services and never ceased to amaze her with his high end thoughts & brilliant aptitude of being systematic.

She feels immensely thankful to the people who supported in her endeavors & also to those who chose not to offer any support which eventually helped her get grounded & become rooted so deeply on her own.