Clarity Building is the Prime Step
in improving one’s standard of life
Personal Progress Solution
for grownup & young individuals
Resolving Inner Conflicts
Refining Growth & Success
What does ClariTics intend to do?
ClariTics is to help Raise Clarity of an individual as its understanding paves way & unlock courage within to begin handling one’s Inner Conflicts, Confusions & Problems.

It is these unresolved conflicts and confusions that actually stop us from our growth & success and limits us from being a better person.
Are you aware of what causes struggling?
Sensible Mind - Makes Changing Feasible The founder specifies that Unresolved Inner conflicts cause mind suffocation. It’s just like – suffocations we experience when we enter a room that had been kept locked for quite a duration due to which there is accumulation of dirt, dust & cobweb.

Generally we are so unaware that most of our struggles and ongoing problems we have and face in our life, are due to Inner Conflicts in our Mind that are kept dumped, stored, untouched & unhandled thereby they remain unresolved.
Why do people not handle conflicts within?

Till now nobody has understood the impact that it creates on one’s ability to do a work.

This damages the strength to handle one’s own external problems.

Non-acceptance of conflicts within results in devolving – the path of failure.

If left unattended UNSPOKEN stress & burden become the major cause of clogged mind.
Why do people not seek support?

For the fear of being neglected by family or friends.

For the fear of being concluded as a weak & dull minded not having ability to solve on their own.

It causes a sense of uneasiness & they fear of being criticized as to

  • Not conforming to our general societal policies & norms
  • Crossing the limit
  • Taking risk of unknown support
  • Being Insensible
  • Not falling under widely believed gender role
Inner conflicts – They do not let us Live our Life !

Whenever we need to think for an idea, method to achieve success or for solving external problems we tend to get stuck & stressed out because of it.

Inner Conflicts block us from fresh practical ideas just as how we suffocate for breadth inside dusty room.

Stress is not due to external problems but because of our clogged mind & it results in our inability to handle it appropriately.

Just as physical pain & aches, mind strain does disturb and bother us.
Dealing with our Conflicts & Problems helps us grow
& get into the Path of Success we Desire
Negative Impacts of Clouded Mind
Clouded Mind makes it impossible for us to think and act positively. It keeps us mediocre.
  • It doesn’t let us focus when we want to and on what we want to.
  • It doesn’t let us get idea when we need one.
  • It doesn’t let us be spontaneous when we need to be.
  • It doesn’t let us think what we consciously want to think instead it takes us wayward.
  • It doesn’t let us be enthusiastic all the time.
  • It keeps us quick tempered.
  • It makes us dullard & monotonous.
  • It makes us irritant & impatient.
  • In simple term, it does make us an ordinary & average person from whom growth and success elude.
Clouded mind is considered as normal since it has become a common phenomenon. It’s high time we learn to handle it.
Effective way of handling problems is - Handling them Inside First
Attempting to handle problems wouldn’t lead us to further confusions instead it would pave way for solutions.

When we approach to handle problems we should be with a mind set to accept any range of solutions from 10% to 60% etc… as all the problems are different in nature & in its severity.

Just as how we accept any range of remedial measures given by medical officers for our ailments, we must learn to decide on and as well as accept appropriate solutions depending upon the demands and circumstances of life.
Life is to enjoy… Not to suffocate…
Take up our Claritation Session & start experiencing what is to be light mindedness that would eventually result in sense of fulfillment