Building Core Intelligence will make us
highly able person & be capable of anything
Personal Progress Solution
for students & youngsters
Redefining Achievements
Resolving Confusions
What does IntelliGenes intend to do?
IntelliGenes has been formulated to enrich young minds. It is being widely believed that people who are intelligent are those who were born with it.

Our founder from her deep understanding about Internal State of Being, says it is absolutely possible to build the Core Intelligence day after day in our life which will result in acquiring Affluent Intelligence.

She has devised simple methods to coach students & young adults and help turning them gifted and talented.
Core Intelligence Enables
It is core intelligence that gives ability to an individual student to study well, grasp concept and excel in subject and domain they have chosen.

Core intelligence makes one able & clever enough in taking right steps in their area of working.

Positive attributes like determination, perseverance, courage & endurance are all products of Core Intelligence.

“IntelliGenes” is a program to internalize such intelligence.
Core Intelligence is an attribute to be developed continuously by means of conscious effort.

Else wrong intelligence occupies that space.
Core Intelligence to human growth is just as roots to the tree !
This core intelligence is a force behind every achievement. It stays at the intention level behind effort one puts in. The lack of which one would not be able to put required effort to achieve what they want.

This core intelligence which is the root cause for all achievement, success & growth can be built by anyone and Sensible Mind’s - IntelliGenes is very optimistic about it.
Knowledge is an attribute of Memory
Intelligence is an attribute of One’s Internal State of Being
It’s about Time that we begin raising Core Intelligence
of our younger generation!

It is not that Children / Students / College students / Freshers don’t know that effort from their end is
pre requisite for achieving. It’s just that some are unable to do so to the level they want or hope to.

Skills and Techniques definitely help youngsters to achieve better results but that is only a way of conditioning the brain to perform such activity. It does not build their ability to excel in all the other demanding areas of personal & professional life.

When would Success fall like an apple?
Most of the students who excel in certain coaching classes are those who has inbuilt intelligence present already in them.

What about others? What about their future? What about their success rate?

Building Core Intelligence would help strengthening everyone’s ability to be excel in their work.
Help young minds understand the significance of evolving
& increase their Greatness Quotient to achieve
High level of Success