Let’s Move On… in the Right Path
for everyone
The VOiS
Realizing True Spirituality
Internalising Affluence
What we intend to do through The VOiS?

It’s been initiated to bring about realization of necessity of being spiritual through every moment of life day after day.

We can be called Truly Spiritual only when we be following the God / The Supreme Creator’s intended path.

Self Realisation could not be the last step before liberation but, a continuous process. It’s always better to begin early or at least wise to begin now.

We intend to bring awareness about Path of Pure Intelligence, steered through truth – as a way to getting closer to God – The Supreme Intelligence.
Need for Understanding True Spirituality

Spiritual life must not be something apart or more from that of our regular life is what that needs to be understood. It is absolutely possible to practice it in daily life, from kids to elders.

It’s a RIGHT WAY of living that enables continuous improvement of our well-being of ourselves in all the aspects like physical, mental & wealth to lead a fulfilled life.

This way we will be living a far more peaceful & fulfilled life and in turn contribute to our family & work truly.
What is God?
It is a greater Force that Guides Our Destiny
In other words, a Supreme Leader & a Change Catalyst.
What could be the intentions of God / Supreme Creator ?

To see every being becoming like Greater Self just like It.

What would you intend for your Child ? To try and become greater & greater or be stuck in the middle of widely accepted life beliefs thereby fall prey to one’s own false imaginations about oneself.

Would you like your children keep praising you to achieve what they want or really work very harder to become successful ?

So when we ourselves want our offspring to become great & successful, wouldn’t the supreme creator intend the same for all of us?
Why do we hope for God to be different ?

We are all scared, fearful of life as to what would become of us for Life is so uncertain. So we tend to lean on to the greater force.

We expect some Greater Self that does not laugh at us of our mistakes and be non-judgemental of our lacking and mis- giving yet help us and give us another chance…

It’s absolutely fine to ask for help and pray, but God only expects us to show case deserving attributes to receive help !
What could be causing the sufferings?

Non Understanding of God’s system & not aligning to it consciously might be a huge reason behind our sufferings.

Also Mis understanding about karma - “as though, it’s not bundle of our own faults” plays crucial role in causing the sufferings we undergo.

Our expectations & interference with fellow human is the root cause of our day to day struggles & sufferings.
What does God possibly expect from us?

We happen to think that when we praise or plead to God, It would turn happier and shower us with Blessings and grant us what we want…

If this is true, then why are thousands and lakhs of people still suffering?

God possibly expects us to adhere to a simple natural system not to interfere with others from which when we de-align, complexities begin in our life.

Are we not bound to abide the laws of the land on which we live?
God is a Great Teacher

Never gets Tired of Teaching

A great teacher who does not even come in front of us to claim about its superior understanding. God does not even feel compelled to speak of its untiring intentions to make everyone as superior one, while allowing everyone to take their course of time.

It respects the freewill of every individual & doesn’t enforce changing but keeps facilitating changing through lighter or difficult life situations until one picks up the lesson.
Can we term Ultimate God as of She Nature ?

Yes it fits in. As we all know that “The being that could function as creator of human kind in this world is SHE Nature”…..

So the creator of this universe could possibly be the “SHE Force”

Other than an Ideal Mother who takes one hundred percent absolute responsibility, nobody else can be very patient & put-up with her children who take everything & everybody around them for granted.
What does aligning to the system of GOD Enable us?

The greater understanding help us, refine the path we have been marching towards our Destiny or get us into right track from the incorrect one.

Adhering to the system of GOD is important to move ahead from where we are today.

Aligning paves way for expansion of our Mind breaking down its limiting nature.
Truth present itself in every given moment... It is up to us
to hold onto it, whether it feels good or not
Trusting only THAT…